Celebrating NHS workers

Celebrate the wonderful job our NHS and key workers are doing in these difficult times

During these difficult times we all want to be able to safely celebrate the wonderful job our NHS and key workers are doing. 

In recent days social media has been full of suggestions to let key workers know we are supporting them. One suggestion has been to light Chinese lanterns and release them in to the sky. Releasing lanterns in to the sky poses a threat to our environment and a fire risk. 

Paper lanterns are a fire hazard, they can destroy habitats and kill wildlife.

Once the lanterns have landed they create litter in our idyllic countryside. At this time everyone is making the most of the outdoors, lets not ruin it for others.

The rubbish created can be ingested by wildlife and livestock. This can have a detrimental affect on wildlife populations and farmers yields. 

Please continue to celebrate the work all key workers and NHS staff are doing please do not release Chinese lanterns.

All key workers are stretched, lets not increase the work load.

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