COVID-19 Information

Updated: Jan 6

Otter Vets efforts to combat the spread of the virus.

Update January 2021

COVID–19 is the number one priority and the situation has remained unchanged since our last post. We have updated precautionary measures in an effort to keep our staff and their families and you, our clients, safe from the infection while fulfilling our obligations to your pets and stock. There is a huge emphasis on ‘social distancing’ and ‘biosecurity’ to prevent virus spread.

While our patients’ health and welfare are of utmost importance we will continue to triage requests for veterinary attention until further notice. Rather than automatically booking an appointment with a vet you may be transferred to a telephone consultation first with a Registered Veterinary Nurse or a Veterinary Surgeon. There will be a charge for the telephone consultation. Some consultations may be settled with just advice or the prescribing of some medication for which a collection time will be arranged. Urgent cases will be quickly identified for an appointment. If we need to book an appointment for you the cost of the telephone consultation will be credited.

Measures to reduce social contact include:

  • Only one person per pet

  • All clients will be asked to remain outside whilst the consultation takes place

  • Please arrive at the appointed time to reduce the risk of unnecessary contact – Ring the bell or knock on the door to announce your arrival.

  • Extra time will be allocated between appointments to allow for cleaning.

  • All elective surgery will be delayed to save oxygen and reduce non-essential contact.

  • Routine appointments may be postponed.

  • Orders for medicines and food are being accepted by telephone and card payment will be requested in advance to minimise any potential human contact. A collection time will be given. People who arrive without a collection appointment will be asked to return home and telephone their order.

Home visits will only be undertaken if absolutely necessary. If anyone is isolating with suspected coronavirus or as a contact please arrange for another person, like a friend or neighbour, to bring your pet to the surgery if possible, should we think a consultation is necessary. Please ensure they have your permission to act on your behalf to provide treatment, but please remain contactable should we wish to discuss any features of your pet’s condition.

There is some evidence that cats can contract the virus and display mild symptoms. Numbers however are very low and have only been seen as human to cat infection. Not from cats to humans. The British Veterinary Association has issued advice that if members of any household have coronavirus symptoms or are self-isolating for health reasons any pet cat(s) should be kept indoors where possible providing this does not cause any welfare or behaviour/stress issues, in an effort to prevent further viral transmission.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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This article was last updated on Wednesday 6th January 2021.